Contour Series

Visually solid and perfectly refined, the TMA Contour 2.5 is our first floorstand in the contour series speakers. This is a 2-way design, suitable for stand or shelf mounting, with a 165 mm bass/midrange unit complementing the high quality ferrofluid cooled tweeter. The speaker satisfies High Fidelity listeners and is magnetically shielded to offer an exceptional audio and visual experience in high-quality home cinema installations.

A high quality tweeter with hand treated soft dome, copper voice coil with self-terminating leads, liquid cooled and self-centering replace able diaphragm assembly. This tweeter exhibits a very smooth frequncy response, both on and off axis with good power handling and low distortion. The soft dome and voice coil's mass are critically matched, resulting in a low resonance point of 900 Hz, and very smooth roll off from 1800 Hz, making this tweeter ideal for any high-end two-way system.

Contour 2.5 > Technical parameters

2-way vented-box system

Fixed impedance:
8 Omega (minimum 4.1 ohms)

Power handling:
55 - 170 Watt

91.0 dB/w/m

Frequency range:
38 Hz - 25.000 Hz ±3 dB

Net Weight:
18.5 kg

Driver units:
1x 28mm voice coil tweeter
1x 165 mm bass/midrange

Dimensions (Width x Height x Depth):
210 mm x 920 mm x 260 mm

Cabinet: real wood fineers
Grille: Black cloth



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