Contour Series

The Contour 3 embodies the technical and aesthetic qualities that have been proven through time and tradition. Designed for the purist, the contour 3 must be the choice of serious listeners. Utilizing a vented cabinet design, this classic two-way transducer has excellend qualities of sharp focus, superlative resolution, and pin-point staging. Not a concept that has stood still, the TMA Contour 3 has been updated with the latest technological innovations, without sacrificing our dedication to time honored design concept.

Contour 3 > Technical parameters

2-way vented-box system

Fixed impedance:
8 Omega (minimum 4 ohms)

Power handling:
55 - 195 Watt

90.5 dB/w/m

Frequency range:
36 Hz - 34.000 Hz ±3 dB

Net Weight:
18.5 kg

Driver units:
TMA Veritas ribbon tweeter
1x 175 mm bass/midrange

Dimensions (Width x Height x Depth):
210 mm x 920 mm x 240 mm

Cabinet: real wood fineers
Black Ash, Cherrywood
Grille: Black cloth




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