Contour Series

The TMA Contour 4 is the culmination of TMA's pursuit of the highest quality audio performance and superior elegance in design. TMA's quest for excellence means nothing has been left to chance. The Contour 4's emphasis on affordable fidelity is reflected in TMA's use of the finest grade materials and highest quality components. True to TMA's heritage of hand craftsmanship and innovative engineering, the three-way Contour 4 achieves this balance, providing the natural midrange and deep, accurate bass reproduction.

Every unit of the superbly finished Contour 4 will fulfill the wishes of even the most demanding music lovers. Coupled with an equally superb amplifier it delivers every nuance possible.The TMA Contour 4 is more than just another loudspeaker system - it is a high fidelity work of art. If hearing is believing, hear this and prepare to be amazed.

Beneath the Contour 4's beautifully hand-crafted, natural veneer cabinet is a three-way loudspeaker that utilizes a state of the art 7" woofer designed to provide high power handling and extremely fast bass reproduction.

The Ribbon aluminum belt tweeter has absolutely no equal in high frequency sound reproduction. With its wave shape, the Ribbon Driver speakers presents your music as you would have heard it when it was recorded. Subtle information which supports the detail of timbre and accuracy of the image are reproduced with such ease by your amplifier that you'll find yourself hearing details in your music you never heard before.

The 7" mid/woofer, consisting of the same diaphragm material as the woofer, utilizes a geometrically optimized one-piece cone. By utilizing one-piece molded woofer and midrange diaphragms, TMA has been able to minimize the coloration associated with cone break-up modes.

Contour 4 > Technical parameters

3-way vented-box system

Fixed impedance:
8 Omega (minimum 3.9 ohms)

Power handling:
45 - 235 Watt

90.5 dB/w/m

Frequency range:
36 Hz - 45.000 Hz ±3 dB

Net Weight:

Driver units:
TMA Veritas ribbon tweeter
1x 175 mm midrange
1x 175 mm bass

Dimensions (Width x Height x Depth):
225 mm x 1075 mm x 344 mm

Cabinet: real wood fineers
Black Ash, Cherrywood
Grille: Black cloth




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