Contour Series

TMA presents a revolutionary new loudspeakersystem and gives it the name CONTOUR MASTER. Revolutionary, why? It was the first time a large floor standing speaker was created in a size suitable for living rooms without any compromises in sound reproduction quality.

The baffle width was reduced to a minimum by installing the bass speaker in the side. The result was an elegant, slim cabinet, meeting the highest demands in sound quality and asthetics. We have taken our time in developing the new Contour Master. Intensive fundamental research and the use of new technologies have paved the way for the new generation. The new Contour Master is a highly individual loudspeaker, created for people with a sense for quality and music.

The TMA Contour Master is a full-range, three-way system using specially chosen drivers and TMA's Veritas Ribbon aluminum belt tweeter technology to achieve a new standard in top-to-bottom coherence and transparency. Every element of a singer's voice, for example - from upper-octave sibilance to chest resonance - is properly aligned in the time domain and seamlessly joined in its harmonic structure. The soundstage is reproduced with the holographic clarity which is singular to TMA loudspeakers.

Our Master's remarkable tonal coherence is the result of painstakingly selecting drivers and matching them to our proprietary crossovers. The Veritas Ribbon tweeter is the same one proven in the former contour series. A midrange driver lies at the heart of the Master's sonic alchemy, creating the near perfect balance between beauty and accuracy. And the 9" long-throw woofer is unique, crafted to reproduce the bottom octaves with dynamic ease and authority.

Contour Master > Technical parameters

3-way vented-box system

Fixed impedance:
8 Omega (minimum 3.8 ohms)

Power handling:
55 - 245 Watt

91.0 dB/w/m

Frequency range:
29 Hz - 45.000 Hz ±3 dB

Net Weight:

Driver units:
TMA Veritas ribbon tweeter
1x 155 mm midrange
1x 225 mm bass

Dimensions (Width x Height x Depth):
210 mm x 1140 mm x 350 mm

Cabinet: real wood fineers
Black Ash, Cherrywood
Grille: Black cloth




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