TMA Muze ReferenceThe Muze : A new era of loudspeaker building

Every once in a while , a very special product is being introduced into the Hifi-market.
The TMA Muze is such a product.

It is a unique synthesis between technical and musical qualities, a loudspeaker that is only in the service of music.

In the design stage of this product all resources were used to create a landmark achievement in the speaker industry and here it is: The TMA Muze.

The Muze offers the quality that the devoted listener shouldn’t be without.

A 12” long-throw woofer with a huge magnet and Kelvar / Nomex honeycomb membrane delivers the bass.
The mid-range unit is a 6,5” paper-carbon driver with a very large motor.
The high frequency unit is a 1,1” textile dome tweeter with a very low distortion value and linear response. (Because of their high resonance peak in the highest audible frequency range no metal, beryllium or diamond material are used.)

The crossover network is a combination of different techniques and is built from first class components resulting in a 12/12 and 12/18 filtering. Low order crossovers have the tendency to have too much distortion and smear between the frequency ranges (when for instance the mid-range unit is interfering in the high frequency range, the definition fades and the distortion rises).

The internal wire is made of high grade OFC copper.

The cabinet is 1,2” thick and is almost non-resonant due to the use of various internal reinforcements that increase the stiffness.

The complexity of this hand-built loudspeaker limits its production speed, therefore reducing its ultimate quantity.

The Muze has a frequency range from 35 Hz to 22.000 Hz at +/- 3 dB and is suitable for stable amplifiers with output power ranging from 25 to 1000 Watts. The efficiency is 89 dB / 1W/ 1m.

Muze Reference > Technical parameters

4 - 8 Ohm

Power handling:
Suitable for stable amplifiers with output power ranging from 25 to 1000 Watts

89 db/ 1 watt / 1 meter

Frequency range:
25 Hz to 22.000 Hz at +/- 3 dB

Crossover Frequencies:
100 Hz - 2800 Hz

Driver units:
1 x Bass 12 inch Nomex Honeycomb / Kevlar
1 x Mid 6 1/2 inch Carbon filled Paper
1 x 28 mm. soft dome

Dimensions (Width x Height x Depth):
360 mm x 1065 mm x 500 mm.

All Ral colours on demand Matt / Semi Matt / High gloss prices on request.



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